The Garden Of Surreal Dreams

The Garden Of
Surreal Dreams
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The Garden Of
Surreal Dreams
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Album History

"The Garden Of Surreal Dreams" is my first venture in to making an electronic Chill-Out album. The project was initially started around 5 years ago when I recorded some very rough demo's of about 14 songs which comprised of strings, Piano and choral sounds.

The strange thing about these songs is that virtually all the ideas and melodies came to me whilst I was in bed at night, probably because I could n't sleep and it would be the norm for me to get up and hum a melody in to a pocket tape recorder or even turn on my synth and record the idea!

The original idea came about after hearing an ambient bonus CD that came with Moby's album "Hotel" and also listening to the John Foxx "Catherderal Oceans" albums.

At the time I posted some of these early demo's on to one of my web sites, iCompositions, to test the water and see what feedback I would get, surprisingly the feedback was very positive, however, I was n't really sure which direction I wanted to take this music, so the project was put on hold. Incidentally the original title of the album was going to be "Where Do We Go From Here?" but that was changed, more on that later!

In 2008 I decided to go down the route of recording the songs using analog synths, four songs were recorded, "The Long Goodbye", "Quiet Splendour", "A Glance In Your Direction" and "Where Do We Go From here?". Whilst I was very happy with these recordings I still was n't convinced that this was the correct route to take with this album. So once again it was put on hold.!

In 2010, I started using a new Software Synthesizer, the reFX Nexus 2 and was astounded at how good it sounded and started recording a demo for a new song called "The Garden Of Surreal Dreams". When I listened to it I thought it had a similar feel to the recordings I had made 6 years ago! So "The Garden Of Surreal Dreams" was the catalyst for the direction I wanted to take these songs to, so it seemed logical to change the album title, plus I loved the name!

During 2011/2012 I recorded 16 songs in total for the album with 11 tracks being used on the album. The album has been recorded using an X-Board 49 E-MU Midi controller keyboard and just 2 Synthesizers, Korg M1 (Hardware Synth) and the reFX Nexus 2 (Software Synth).

The influences for this album are Jean Michel Jarre, OMD, John Foxx and Moby. You can listen to 2 tracks from the album on the music player in the "Music" section of the website.

In the "Media" section of the website you can view the video for the track "Through Open Doorways".

The album was released as a Digital Download and Physical CD on the 9th July 2012.

The Garden Of Surreal Dreams is now out!

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